BML temporary hours, porch pick-up, and safety recommendations

Library hours for January: Tuesdays 10am – 5pm, Wednesdays 10am – 7pm, Thursdays 10am – 5pm and Saturdays 10am – 2pm. Fridays we will be open, by appointment only, from 10am – 5pm.

Request books for contact-free delivery on our porch on Thursdays 5 – 7 pm and Fridays 12 – 5 pm. Reserve through our online catalog with your library card, email: or call: 679-8484 Tuesdays through Fridays between 10am – 5pm. If you need assistance with our online catalog try our catalog help page.

Welcome (back) to the Library!

For the safety of the community, we are following the CDC’s recommendations regarding sanitizing and social distancing.  Should you be having any symptoms of COVID19, we ask that you visit us another day. We are now open with the following hours and guidelines:

  • Please call 679-8484 to make an appointment if you can – so we can be ready to help you.
  • We are limiting the number of patrons in the building to 5 per floor (10 total) so we will need to ask what part of the library you will be using. If there are too many people in the library for you to come in, we will ask you to wait.
  • Please wear a face mask – if you don’t have one, we have some available.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines and allow for 6 feet between yourself and other patrons who are not household members when possible.
  • We will have hand sanitizer available for you to use as you enter and exit the library. We also have gloves if you would prefer to wear a clean pair when browsing the library.
  • Please ask us to let you into the restroom if you need it – we are doing more frequent cleanings and have it temporarily locked.
  • If you need to make copies, please ask – we will do it for you.
  • If you need to use a computer, please call 679-8484 to reserve. Due to social distancing protocols we have fewer computers available and are limiting computer time to 30-45 minutes per patron.  This allows us time to sanitize for the next user.
  • We are unable to offer personal computer assistance as we have in the past. 
  • We ask you to limit your time in the library so we can serve as many people as possible.
  • Please be patient with staff and other patrons as we all get used to our ‘new’ normal.

As we become accustomed to new routines, we hope to be open more hours in the future. Thanks for your patience as we acclimate ourselves to new safety procedures which make the library a safe place for everyone.