Nottingham’s Tricentennial “300th” Celebration!

Blaisdell Memorial Librarys’ 300th Events:

  • Terry Nelson Author Talk – Blaisdell Library welcomed and hosted Terry on Thursday, May 12 for a special presentation. The presentation was on General Henry Dearborn, Nottingham resident, physician, one of Nottingham’s “Four Revolutionary War Generals’, and so much more! You can find the Powerpoint presentation with the live audio below.
  • One Book One Nottingham – Join your neighbors and friends in reading one community-themed book. Copies of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” are available now!”
  • Storywalk Project – Blaisdell Memorial Library has partnered with a local Eagle Scout and Nottingham Parks and Recreation to provide the town with a Storywalk. On October 1 we will be changing the story to “The Barefoot Farmer of Pawtuckaway” by Paula Casey Wood. This is the story of George Goodrich, the man who played a major role in the founding of Pawtuckaway State Park, whose eccentricity earned him the nickname of the “Barefoot Farmer.”