*Exhibits Policy and Waiver Form* – Complete and retun to the library or email to blaisdellml@comcast.net.

The Blaisdell Memorial Library seeks to provide information for its residents in their pursuit of academic, personal and recreational interests. The library provides a limited amount of wall, display case, and shelf-top space for non-commercial use by the public for displays of an educational, historical, art or hobby nature.

Organizations, schools, and individuals wishing to utilize the Library for an exhibit must first consult with the appropriate contact person listed below who will determine the relevance of, the conditions for, and the availability of suitable space for the exhibit. The Library Director (in consultation with the Trustees if necessary) has final say in any unusual circumstances.

Exhibit Space/Contact Person
Adult level wall display spaces – Library Director
Children’s level wall display spaces – Children’s Programming Librarian
All other spaces not normally scheduled must be requested and discussed with the Director.

  1. Library initiated exhibits will be given priority.
  2. Preference is given to local (Nottingham) exhibitors over others.
  3. Exhibits are scheduled for 2 calendar months. Installation should be completed within the first two or three open days of the first month, by arrangement with the contact person. Removal must be prompt, on or by the last open day of the second month.
  4. All exhibits must be appropriate and suitable for a mixed public audience. All items must be presentation ready (framed and ready to hang, etc.).
  5. Each exhibitor is responsible for hanging or displaying his/her own exhibit, and for providing all necessary materials, signage, display racks, etc. for organizing the exhibit. The Library may provide use of bar hangers for wall displays to use in conjunction with the installed hanging system. Ladders are available. No nails or screws may be placed in the walls. No book display racks are provided.
  6. The Library does not assume financial liability for injury, loss or damage. Since the exhibit may not be supervised, exhibitors should consider the possibility of providing private insurance if security is a concern. In advance of setting up any display of loaned materials, exhibitors must sign a waiver of liability holding the Library, its employees and trustees, and the Town of Nottingham harmless for any injury resulting from the installation of the exhibit, or for any damage to or loss of loaned material.
  7. Publicity is the responsibility of the exhibitor unless the exhibit is co-sponsored by the Library. The Library may elect to publicize exhibits on its web site and/or in other ways, but this is not guaranteed. (Permission to photograph and use images from the exhibit for publicity is assumed granted by the agreement to exhibit.)
  8. Exhibitors may not schedule special openings or other events without advanced permission, in writing, from the Director. All arrangements must be approved by the Director at least two (2) weeks prior to the event and must conform to other Library policies.
  9. No prices may be posted on the items on exhibit, nor may an admission fee be charged. A price list with contact information may be placed near the exhibit. Transactions for the purchase of an exhibit item shall be directly between the purchaser and the exhibitor. No sales may be made on the premises without express permission from the Trustees, which much be arranged no less than one (1) month before the exhibit. No exhibit material which is sold during its display in the Library may be removed before the end of the exhibition period.
  10. Consideration will be given to new exhibitors over those who have exhibited within the last twelve (12) month period.
  11. Granting permission to use Library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the Library staff, the Library trustees, or the Town of Nottingham, of the contents of the exhibit, the materials, or the exhibitor(s).
  12. Failure to abide by these requirements could result in denial of further requests to make use of Library exhibit spaces, and/or immediate termination of the exhibit.