Computers and copies


The library photocopier can reduce and enlarge as well as make copies on letter size, legal size and 11″ x 17″ paper. The cost of copies is 5¢ a page for letter size and 10¢ a page for 11″x 17″ copies. Black and white photocopies only.


The library has a FAX machine available to the public for both sending and receiving faxes. The fax number is 679-6774. The current rates are: Sending – 50¢ for the first page, 25¢ for additional pages. There is no charge for faxes sent to local or 800 phone numbers. Receiving – 10¢ for each page received


The computer and printer are available during regular library hours. We have available word processing as well as high speed internet access. Please call ahead of time to sign up for computer time. Wi-fi is available throughout the building.


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