Library Trustees minutes – January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010
Present: Rhoda Capron, Laurie Legard, Pat Vachon, Sara Wotton, Susan Medeiros,
Kathleen Matthews
Meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm.
Secretary’s Report: Reviewed minutes from previous meeting. Rhoda moved to accept the report; Pat
seconded. All in favor of minutes as presented.
Treasurer’s Report: The December report shows that 96% of the budget was spent. Rhoda commented
on lines that appeared under-budget at the time the report was written: The alarm line was adjusted down
to match the actual cost. Book money was spent by the end of December. Continuing Education line was
adjusted down for next year due to a shift in conference attendance. Supplies line shows less expenditure
because certain supplies are no longer needed due to full implementation of automation; however, this
line was kept the same in next year’s proposed budget to cover the cost of purchasing a shredder. Rhoda
also noted that the income from the photocopier (currently 5 cents per copy) is covering the copier’s
service agreement, so, at this time, there is no need to raise the per-copy cost . Laurie moved to accept the
report; Pat seconded. All voted in favor to accept report as presented.
Library Director’s Report: Rhoda presented the 2009 circulation statistics as well as a comparison over
the past ten years. There was a 30% increase in items checked out this past year, with significant
circulation in the months of July, August, and September. The year 2000 saw a total circulation of 18,334
compared to 34,229 at the end of the decade last year. Rhoda attributes much of this rise to the automation
of the library. More people are using the system at home, people can more easily find what they’re
looking for instead of struggling with the old card catalog system, and patrons are able to download items
from the state library. Rhoda noted that the current economic situation also seems to have had an impact
as more people are choosing to use the library’s computers and general resources. This past Sunday the
library hosted an excellent program called “Arts in the White Mountains.” On February 26th, the Friends
of the Library are sponsoring a play entitled “Town Meeting” starring Rebecca Rule and notable town
officials. Our library is also involved with “The Big Read”, a state and NEA-sponsored project designed
to encourage people around the state to read and participate in community events pertaining to a specific
book. The program’s current selection is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Rhoda reports that the
Nottingham and Northwood libraries will be co-sponsoring two such events: On March 6th, we’ll host
“Little Reads”, a children’s program featuring birds; on March 26th there will be a southern-style potluck
dinner and book discussion for adults. During February school vacation there will be two children’s
programs: “Moving Into Books” with Laurie Hardacker and “Beach Blanket Bingo”, an event developed
by Sarah Heidorn to coincide with next summer’s reading program. Rhoda has been encouraged to apply
for a CLiF grant. If successful, the library would receive $2,000.00 in new children’s books as well as a
school presentation to acquaint children with these books and to encourage them to use the library. The
public hearing on the library’s budget will be February 4th.
Old Business: The 2010 proposed budget was well-received by the budget committee at the fall meeting.
The committee expressed appreciation that the library staff did not seek raises for the coming year. Rhoda
corrected an error on the technology line and provided the committee with an amended report. There was
discussion about permanently filling the trustee vacancy left by Joy Bicknell. Also, further discussion
about the foundation drainage and gutter repairs that are still needed. The sudden, persistent cold weather
has caused the work to be postponed until early spring. A decision was made to call in February to be
certain the library was at the top of the list.
New Business: Rhoda reported that Brieghan Gardner has agreed to be market-master for this year’s
farmers’ market. This change will bring new energy and ideas to the position and to the markets. Rhoda
proposed changing library hours on Mondays to be 1:00 – 9:00 rather than 2:00 – 9:00 in order to better
serve the public and to coordinate with the library’s other opening times. The library would be open
approximately 40 more hours per year, which would cause a slight increase in staff pay. The ensuing
discussion determined this shift could be absorbed. Sara moved to change the Monday hours, beginning
March 1st. Susan seconded. All voted in favor. Discussion was held regarding the annual trustees’ dinner
for the library staff on January 23rd. It was decided to present Janet Hall with a gift of appreciation for
her assistance with the library’s book-keeping. Discussion was also held regarding a letter from a parent
pertaining to the certified letter Rhoda had sent, pursuant to library policy, regarding a child’s overdue
books. The overdue policy, which was developed with the guidance of a state librarian and was approved
by the selectmen, was reviewed. It was determined that the policy stands. It was also agreed that the
policy should be posted on-line and that a physical copy of the policy be displayed in the library. Laurie
reported that the CD for the Charlotte Blaisdell Trust was automatically rolled-over by the bank and that
she has filed the requisite paperwork with the attorney general’s office. The replacement for the
downstairs door has arrived, but no date has been set to have it installed.The review of monthly tasks was
completed. Rhoda has checked the AED. Laurie sent a letter to the town requesting the first disbursement.
The library’s letter for the town report has been completed. Laurie moved to accept all donations to the
library. Pat seconded the motion which was unanimously passed.
Next meeting will be February 17th at 6:30.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen Matthews

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