Using Your IPAD with New Hampshire Downloadable Books

Start reading ebooks on your ipad!  You will first need to have an existing Amazon account and the Kindle App (which is free to install under Applications).

  1.  Open the Safari web browser
  2. Go to New Hampshire Downloadables
  3. Click “Log in” to your account
  4. Select Nottingham – Blaisdell Memorial Library
  5. Enter the prefix given to you by the library and your library card # minus the “p” (leave no spaces in between)
  6. Browse for ebooks
  7. Browse for Kindle books
  8. Find a Kindle compatible ebook and add to cart
  9. Proceed to check out
  10. Confirm Checkout
  11. Click “Get Book” for Kindle
  12. A new tab (page) will open up to Amazon and will ask you to sign into your account
  13. On the left side of the screen, Select Deliver to: ipad and click “Get Library Book”
  14. Go to Kindle App to start reading
  15. loan period for ebooks are 14 days

To see a step by step picture guide and more details of these steps click here.

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