Minutes of the Blaisdell Memorial Library Trustees Meeting January 14, 2013


January 14, 2013

Present: Rhoda Capron, Laurie Legard, Susan Medeiros, Pat Vachon, Kathleen Matthews

Meeting was called to order at 5:33 p.m.

Policy Update/Current Task: The primary topic of discussion was a review of the 2012 year-end financial information provided by Janet. Rhoda provided insight regarding particular expenditures in lines that appeared to have overages. Comparisons were made between amounts spent in 2012 and projected costs/budget request for 2013. Questions were raised about an existing savings account as well as the balance in the landscape fund, which appears to be much too low. Kathleen will contact Sara, as treasurer, to get more specific information and to request that she make inquiries at the bank about the savings account. The public hearing for our proposed 2013 budget is scheduled for February 12th.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the December meeting were read. There was no discussion. Pat moved to accept the report. Laurie seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: The monthly budget figures were reviewed as part of the larger discussion about finances. Laurie moved to file the report. Pat seconded. All voted in favor.

Library Director’s Report: Rhoda reported a record-breaking total circulation for 2012 was. She was pleased to see that her effort to attain better balance in making purchases for the adult and juvenile collections was well-reflected in the circulation data. The Friends of the Library purchased a changing table that has been installed in the upstairs bathroom; a sign will be posted in the downstairs restroom to indicate the table’s location. Rhoda designed and purchased online two colorful new ceiling banners to designate the Young Adult and Children’s Room areas. The Barrington and Madbury libraries have invited area trustees to a regional gathering of trustees they’re sponsoring on March 14th. Rhoda will send the specifics to each board member. Upcoming library programs include: A presentation on Dinah Whipple, a Portsmouth slave, sponsored by the NH Humanities Council and a possible presentation/workshop by the UNH Chess Club during February vacation. Registration for the new weekend StoryHour is open. Chelsea Bell, the current intern, is in the process of developing a book discussion group for 4th-5th Graders.

Committee Report: Kathleen reported that the newly-formed Landscape Committee had its first meeting December 12th. The committee has: begun the process of forming a business plan for the “Following Nature’s Lead” fundraising campaign; is researching ways to ecologically eradicate poison ivy and bittersweet; and is seeking human and other resources to support the next phases of work to be done as part of the restoration project. The committee would prefer to do a formal, public launch of the fundraising campaign later in the spring, perhaps in conjunction with a tour of local gardens and a day of garden-related workshops. One or two small fundraising events may also be planned for late winter/early spring.

Old Business: Laurie reported on her conversation with Charlie Brown, the town administrator, regarding the recording of hours for the library director’s work schedule. Laurie felt the message was mixed: on one hand, in a salaried position the library director needn’t be overly-concerned about this; however she still needs to record the 40-hour work week. Rhoda reiterated her concerns about the complexity in doing so, particularly in regards to short weeks. The fact that the library is closed on Fridays complicates matters.  The concept of flexible hours was discussed at length but the board may need to take formal action in order for this to become possible. It was suggested that for one month Rhoda record her work hours in detail so the board will have better information upon which to base any decision.

New Business: Laurie will be stepping-down from her trustee position when her term expires this year.  Susan has chosen to seek the trustee position in the upcoming election. This will leave a vacancy for Alternate Trustee. Though not required, it has proven beneficial to have an alternate trustee who is wellinformed about the library so Rhoda will create a short-list of individuals who might be willing to serve in this role. Rhoda posed a question to the board about the selling of produce that had been raised by a market vendor. The concept of developing a social media policy was revisited with the result that Rhoda will begin gathering resources and information for future discussions on the topic. The board unanimously voted to change the language pertaining to the scheduled holiday the day after Thanksgiving to read “ten days and a floater” since the library is never open on Fridays. Rhoda took responsibility for making that change and sending it to the Town Office. Laurie took care of the CD renewal at the bank; she will also send the required report to the state. The letter requesting the current disbursement has been sent. Rhoda will soon begin drafting her annual report for the town. In February, we’ll need to prepare for the auditor. The discussion about the potential for composing a staff appraisal of the library director as part of the director’s annual evaluation will be considered at a future meeting. Rhoda reported that a significant donation has been given to the library for the purchase of books on CD and that two donations were made toward the landscape project fund. Laurie moved to accept all donations. Pat seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Next Meeting:Monday, February 11th at 5:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Matthews

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