Minutes of the Blaisdell Memorial Library Trustees Minutes December 16, 2013


December 16, 2013

Present: Rhoda Capron, Susan Medeiros, Sara Wotton, Kathleen Matthews

Meeting was called to order at 6:21 p.m.

Policy Update/Current Task: All policy reviews were placed on hold until the budget process is complete.

Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the November meeting were read. Rhoda moved to accept the report. Sara seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: The November budget figures were discussed as was the corrected October report.  Both reports were deemed to be suitable for this point in the year. Rhoda moved to file the reports.

Kathleen seconded. All voted in favor.

Library Director’s Report: The November circulation figures were down slightly from last year with the exception of Downloadables where the numbers continue to rise as more and more patrons take advantage of this service. Rhoda reported that as the result of the Town receiving an energy conservation grant from Public Service of NH, all of the library’s light bulbs and ballasts have been replaced with more energy-efficient equipment. PSNH also installed a motion detector downstairs so that the lights will turn on only when someone is actually using the Children’s Room or the meeting area. Both the annual Christmas parade float and the Gingerbread House program were rousing successes.The new afternoon book group continues to grow and increase in popularity. This season’s holiday hours were agreed upon: the library will close at 1:00 on December 24th and remain closed on December 25th and 26th. It will also be closed on New Year’s Day. The perennial problem with the parking lot not being properly plowed during and after snowstorms was discussed at length. Rhoda reported that after this season’s first major snowstorm the Town only plowed the parking area once, which created safety hazards for staff and patrons entering and exiting the highway. Since the Town requires the Library to maintain regular open hours during storms (if staff is to be paid), it stands to reason that its parking lot would be kept as cleared as the lots at the Fire Department and other town buildings. However, this is not the case. Rhoda tried to obtain the cell phone number of the plow driver, as she was directed to do last year by the Town Office,but the Road Agent declined to provide it. Given that our many attempts to resolve this persistent problem have been unsuccessful, it was decided ask for a meeting with the Board of Selectmen to obtain permission to hire our own snow-clearing contractor. Rhoda will make the appointment.

Committee Report:

Kathleen presented the new conceptual design for the front of the building. In addition to creating a new garden that mirrors the existing plantings on the other side of the walkway, the design will address issues in the areas surrounding the monument and along the woods edge where invasive plants will need to be replaced. The design will be displayed in the library so patrons can see how past, present, and future landscape funds are being used.

Old Business: Rhoda and Kathleen gave a brief account of their November meeting with the Budget Committee as well as the COLA changes that the Board of Selectmen made after the library’s proposed budget for 2014 had been presented. Kathleen moved to accept the revised guideline of 2% vs. 3% for staff salary increases. Susan seconded. All voted in favor.

New Business: The annual Staff Holiday Party will take place at Susan’s house at 4:30 on Sunday,January 12th. Further discussion of hiring guidelines for Children’s Librarian and the trustees annual goals were tabled. December’s Monthly Tasks were reviewed. Susan will send the disbursement letter to the Town (to obtain half of the 2013 budget in January), write the quarterly update to the Board of Selectmen, and, write the annual report about CD activity to the Attorney General’s office. Rhoda will obtain the quarterly ledger from the Town to track salary expenditures. Susan moved to accept all donations. Sara seconded the motion. All voted in favor.

Next Meeting:

Monday, January 27th at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Matthews


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