Welcome to Summer Reading weekly craft. This week we are making Summer Sun Catcher and craft kits are available for pick up at the library. If you can’t make it in, here is a list of materials: canning jar ring, paper with design or your own drawing, string, beads, markers, glue.

  • Trace the outline of the canning jar ring onto a sheet of thin paper and create your own design. Color with marker and cut around the outline.
  • Apply glue around the inside rim of the ring and place the colorful design inside the ring against the glued area. Allow to dry.
  • Wrap string or yarn around the outer edge of the ring and tie a double knot. Add beads for embellishment. Cut string or yarn to make loop and hang your sun catcher in a sunny window.
  • OPTIONAL-attach a string to the center of the bowl to hang

Thanks for joining us for Summer Reading craft. I hope you have fun creating!

See you for next week’s craft!


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