Wild Things!


Welcome to Summer Reading weekly craft. This week we are making Wild Things wall hangings and craft kits are available for pick up at the library. If you can’t make it in, here is a list of materials: Paper, watercolor paints, animal stencil, black marker, and ribbon.

  • Tape your paper to the table counter or solid surface. Paint a light colorful background on your watercolor paper.
  • When it’s completely dry, place your animal stencil on top and trace the outline.
  • Fill in the stencil outline to create a solid silhouette of your animal. Cut a small V-shape off the bottom. Punch a hole on each top corner and add a ribbon to hang your artwork. Enjoy!!!
  • OPTIONAL-attach a string to display.

Thanks for joining us for Summer Reading craft. I hope you have fun creating!

See you for next week’s craft!


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