The Art of Story!


Welcome to Summer Reading weekly craft. This week we are making The Art of Story paintings and craft kits are available for pick up at the library. If you can’t make it in, here is a list of materials: Canvas, paint, paintbrush, shells, glue.

  • Divide your canvas into three sections for sky, water, and sand. Be sure to leave enough room on the sand area to add your “footprints” and shells.
  • Paint your sky, water and sand. Mix the blue and green for an ocean green color. Let dry completely.
  • Apply a small amount of brown paint to the side of your hand. Press onto the sand area for footprints and use your fingers to print the toes. ** Test your footprints on a piece of paper before you apply them to your canvas.
  • OPTIONAL-Apply craft glue where you’d like your sand and shell. Add sand first and then shells. Keep flat while drying.

Thanks for joining us for Summer Reading craft. I hope you have fun creating!

See you for next week’s craft!


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